Award Winning Films

Vineyard in New Zealand



1) 2018 Inova Awards - Gold Winner

2) 2018 Galaxy Awards - Honors

3) 2018 World Media Festival - intermedia-globe GOLD award

A look behind the scenes of a winemaker, wine tastings and a delicious meal in the middle of a winery are just some of the highlights on Garrett Kelly's tour around the wonderful world of wine growing. To be able to guarantee a high level of safety and comfort at all times, the New Zealander relies on his Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. A journey to fall in love - because love goes well known through the stomach.

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Riviera Caterer's chromed Mercedes-Benz Sprinter - the Silver Bullets in New York


1) 2017/2018 Mercury Excellence Awards in New York

2) 2018 Galaxy Awards 

3) 2017 Communicator Awards

4) 2016 World Media Festival - intermedia-globe GOLD award

Finger food on tennis balls and shrimps on a pipette? "Riviera Caterers" in New York abounds with creative concepts. The two chefs Bobby and Andrew also had a fantastic idea for delivering their delicious cuisine. Their two chromed Mercedes-Benz Sprinter are known all around New York City as the “Silver Bullets”. See how the glamorous vans helped setting their brand, yet bringing all the capabilities one needs for managing a successful event company in the urban jungle of Lower Manhattan.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Episode 112 - Take Off



1) 2018 Best of Content Marketing (BCM) - Gold Award

2) 2018 Galaxy Awards - Bronze Winner

3) 2018 World Media Festival - intermedia-globe GOLD award

Arocs and co. in action, forest liming in the Erz mountains.