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Award Winning Films

Vineyard in New Zealand

V012 Vineyard in Napier, New Zealand

V012 Vineyard in Napier, New Zealand

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1) 2018 Inova Awards - Gold Winner

2) 2018 Galaxy Awards - Honors

3) 2018 World Media Festival - intermedia-globe GOLD award

A look behind the scenes of a winemaker, wine tastings and a delicious meal in the middle of a winery are just some of the highlights on Garrett Kelly's tour around the wonderful world of wine growing. To be able to guarantee a high level of safety and comfort at all times, the New Zealander relies on his Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. A journey to fall in love - because love goes well known through the stomach.

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Riviera Caterer's chromed Mercedes-Benz Sprinter - the Silver Bullets in New York